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We are a black owned and operated funeral home in St Louis Mo. 
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 Indeed this region has some of the finest mortuary services in the nation. But, when you seek that special something that one funeral home gives separates and exceeds all the rest, you won't be satisfied until you find it. That's the reason why a lot of families choose this particular set of funeral directors that I will reveal momentarily. 

In addition to the planning and preparation of the homegoing service and burial of the late loved one, sometimes grief counseling is needed. Because realistically this is a very emotional and stressful time in life.

During this time of sorrow, deciding on the best funeral provider can be a painful experience itself. With additional costs for burial rising consumers are opting for the cremation process instead, which is almost half the final cost of burial.

Most Funeral services  provide their clients with a high standard of service from transferring the body to the funeral home, to body preparation, embalming and use of the facility and staff for assistance with the entire process. The additional costs include burial vault, grave plot and headstone.

Pre planning of your funeral is one of the best ways you can help your family cope with the difficult time of grief, by leaving some specific information about your own desire or wish for your funeral. For this purpose you can contact a funeral home to get all the information and guidance about the process of pre arrangement plans of your funeral. 

You even have the option to prepay for the funeral or you can go ahead by purchasing an insurance policy which will cover all of your funeral and burial expenses. Once you have completed the procedure you must inform a trusted member of your family about your decision.

While comparing the costs of funeral homes for burial or cremation services,the Internet can provide you with a lot of help. You can look for different options and compare pricing of the homes in your area in order to get the best price. One major drawback is that funeral home websites do not generally disclose their prices. The average cost of a funeral is around $7,085 which does not include cemetery costs, so it just might cost you $10,000 - $12,000.

If a funeral home does not disclose its prices openly on the website or over the phone it should raise an alarm, as they might not be in the affordable price range. Furthermore a funeral home should have a general price list showing their service fees and charges. Some offer you cremation packages for different types of cremation services. All in all, Shop for the best overall package deal and ask around to make sure that they have a good service track record.

When selecting a funeral home, let your heart be your main guide. Most times
that is the best way to go.

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